ACC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 500- Liberty Tax is one of the fastest

1. Liberty Tax is one of the fastest growing franchises in America. A Liberty Tax franchise costs about $40,000. The owner at the Wheaton Mall franchise was charged $50,000 for rent annually and $110,000 for marketing and employees expenses each year. Liberty Tax charges its clients about $250 per tax return. How many returns does this Liberty Tax office need to have to break even? Would you invest in this business? Explain your answer.

NMIMS TAXATION 100 – Mr Amaar purchased a land for 50 lacs

Mr Amaar purchased a land for 50 lacs and a building for 48 Lac for business purpose. He wants to claim depreciation on both. As a tax consultant advise him and also explain the conditions he should satisfy to claim depreciation.

All life forms on Earth are based on carbon

All life forms on Earth are based on carbon. Without this atom, life as we know it would be most likely impossible.What are the properties of carbon that make it essential for life?We also depend on carbon in our daily activities. For instance, we need energy to drive, to use electronic equipment, and to cook. In the United States, most of this energy is produced from fossil fuels. To learn more, watch the following video: Formation of Fossil Fuels.What is the link between fossil fuels and carbon?Why are fossil fuels considered an unsustainable form of energy?Name the chemical element produced by combustion of fossil fuels. What are the consequence(s) of this element on life?What are the alternative sources of energy for fossil fuels? Are they also based on carbon?

Explain the concept of vested benefits

A. ) Explain the concept of vested benefits? What does it mean and is it a fair system? What are the requirements? Give an example as well.B.) You are now in charge of the Federal Tax System and are able to make any changes you desire. What changes would you make and why? (This is an opinion type question but just make sure to look at all the aspects of your decision)

Is consumer behavior a function of a person’

Consumer BehaviorIs consumer behavior a function of a person’s age or generation? Some marketers maintain that age differences are critical and that the needs and wants of a 25 year old in 2011 are not much different from those of a 25 year old in 1969. Others feel generational effects are critical and marketing programs must suit the times.For this Discussion, take a position on this debate. Discuss your position in detail and provide an example of an ad or marketing material that supports your position.Needs to be at least 150 plus words.

PSY 315 Assignment 2016

Provide a response to the following questions.1. The Wilcox & Keselman (2003) article from this week’s electronic readings discusses two problems with measures of central tendency: skewness of the data and outliers. Discuss each of these issues and how they affect measures of central tendency.2. For the following scores, find the mean, median, and mode. Which would be the most appropriate measure for this data set? You may use Microsoft®Excel®data anlysis to compute these statistics. You may copy your output from Microsoft®Excel®into this worksheet.2, 2, 0, 5,1, 4,1, 3, 0, 0, 1, 4, 4, 0,1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 13. Based on the scale of measurement for each variable listed below, which measure of central tendency is most appropriate for describing the data?a. The time (in years) it takes a sample of students to graduate college.b. The blood type (such as A, B, AB, or O) of a group of participants.c. The rankings of college undergraduate academic programs.4. How do the sample mean and the population mean differ? What is the symbol for each type of mean?5. An expert reviews a sample of 10 scientific articles (n = 10) and records the following numbers of error in each article: 0, 4, 2, 8, 2, 3, 1, 0, 5, and 7. Compute the SS, the variance, and the standard deviation for this sample using the definitional and computational formulas. You may use Microsoft®Excel®data anlysis to compute these statistics. You may copy your output from Microsoft®Excel®into this worksheet.6. A psychologist interested in political behavior measured the square footage of the desks in the official office of four U.S. governors and of four CEOs of major U.S. corporations. The figures for the governors were 44, 36, 52, and 40 square feet. The figures for the CEOs were 32, 60, 48, 36 square feet.a. Figure the means and standard deviations for the each group: governors and CEOs.b. Explain, to a person who has never had a course in statistics, what you have done.c. Note the ways in which the means and standard deviations differ, and speculate on the possible meaning of these differences, presuming they are representative of U.S. governors and large corporations’ CEOs in general.7. Radel and colleagues (2011) conducted a study of how feeling overly controlled makes you desire—even unconsciously—more freedom. In their study, 52 Canadian undergraduates played a video game in a laboratory and were randomly assigned to one1 of the following:· An automony deprivation condition, in which they were told to follow instructions precisely, constantly given instructions over a loudspeaker, and carefully observed on everything they did.· A neutral condition, which was much more laid back.After this activity, they were asked to do a lexical decision task (a standard approach for measuring unconscious responses), in which they were shown a series of words and nonwords in random order and had to press C if it was a real word or N if not. Half of the real words were related to autonomy (such as freedom and choice), and half were neutral (such as whisper and hammer). The key focus of the study was on how long it took people to press the button (response latency) for each kind of real word, averaged over the many words of each type. The table below shows the mean and standard deviation across the participants of these four categories of results. For example, 782 milliseconds (thousandths of a second) is the average time it took participants in the autonomy-deprived condition to respond to the autonomy-related words, and 211 is the standard deviation across the 26 participants’ average response time in that condition. Explain the numbers in this table to a person who has never taken a course in statistics. (Be sure to explain some specific numbers, as well as the general principle of the mean and standard deviation.) For your interest, the pattern of results shown here supported the researchers’ hypothesis: “Relative to a neutral instructional climate, a controlling climate thwarting the need for autonomy…enhanced accessibility for autonomy-related words” (p. 924)..364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>Mean Latencies (in Milliseconds) in the Lexical Task Assessing Accessibility for Autonomy-Related Constructs (Experiment 1)ConditionAutonomy DeprivationNeutralConstructMSDMSDAutonomy-related words782211857243Neutral words8352588413018. A researcher records the levels of attraction for various fashion models among college students. He finds that mean levels of attraction are much higher than the median and the mode for these data.a. What is the shape of the distribution for the data in this study?b. What measure of central tendency is most appropriate for describing these data? Why?9. An organizational psychologist measures levels of job satisfaction in a sample of 30 participants. To measure the variance of job satisfaction, it is calculated that the SS = 120 for this sample.What are the degrees of freedom for the variance?Compute the variance and standard deviation (you will have to do this one by hand).State the three empirical rules for a normal distribution with any mean and variance.

Cuny BIOLOGY 211 – discussion, you engage in a role-playing

For this discussion, you engage in a role-playing exercise. From the learning resources provided in thismodule, you should have substantial exposure to the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria aswell as how human activities contribute to selection of the genes responsible for resistance. Pleaseutilize this knowledge in your responses to the scenario below.After reading the assigned chapters, article and watching the video for this module please respond to thefollowing:You have recently been awarded a well-earned Ph.D. in Microbiology and are an esteemed expert inantibiotic resistance. You have been asked to focus your energy and discourse and explain antibioticresistance to ONE of the following:i. The executives of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. ii. Parents of a 6-year old boy with Community Acquired-MRSA iii. An immigrant from India with XDR-TB iv. Nursing home facility sanitation staf In your initial post, briefly explain what antibiotic resistance is, where it comes from, and why it is anissue. Then propose potential solutions and/or precautions. Be persuasive.To complete this discussion, respond to other initial posts: As a Ph.D. with expertise in bacterial resistance, your objective is to reduce antibiotic resistanceand educate your audience. Before you write, consider how your audience might respond. Whatquestions might they have? How would you explain ways to counter antibiotic resistance in eachcase? The goal of this discussion forum is to develop a complete picture of how each of thesescenarios is unique and would require a unique approach as you confer with your classmates.

As best you can, explain the concept of the “marketing

As best you can, explain the concept of the “marketing mix” and it four components (the four “P”s). Be as specific as you can and provide examples of each. Briefly compare and contrast traditional or commercial marketing with social marketing.

In promotion to final consumers

2. In promotion to final consumers:advertising, publicity, and sales promotion are the dominant promotion methods.aggressive personal selling is usually found only in expensive channel systems.reminder ads may be all the promotion that is needed for products that have won brand preference or insistence.personal selling is effective for consumer electronics and automobiles.all of the above.

Country of origin influences a firm’s approach to organization

Country of origin influences a firm’s approach to organization structure. As multinational corporations/enterprises (MNCs/MNEs) from Vietnam, India and China internationalize, clearly explain the degree to which they are likely to differ from the organization structure observed for Japanese, European and USA MNEs.