Read The 2012 Article Sarbanes Oxley Has Failed To Address The Problem Of Audit Firm Independence By Thomas M Brehmer Found At Httpswww Accountingtoday Comnewssarbanes Oxley Has Failed To Address The Problem Of Audit Firm


Read the 2012 article Sarbanes-Oxley Has Failed to Address the Problem of Audit Firm Independence by Thomas M. Brehmer found at

Take a position – do you agree or disagree with the author.  Why or why not?  Support your position work with articles other than, or in addition to, the one above

support your work.

 Other aspects of APA (citations, list of references, correct spacing & formatting, etc.) are required 

Research Project 1 19506511

 Select one of the three research topics listed and follow the detailed instructions. The paper can be single or double spaced. The paper’s cover page does not count as a page against the maximum number of pages, however, references do.  So you will write on 4 pages, but the 5th page will be the reference. Please check your paper against the Vericite database by submitting it for checking prior to your final submission here. Your Vericite match must be less than 25% – click here to check. 

Study Questions 19585481

 Chapter 9 – study questions 1-10 

 Chapter 10 – study questions 1-10 

Post A Description Of Two Adolescent Risk Taking Behaviors 19850079

Post a description of two adolescent risk-taking behaviors. For each behavior, provide two sources of influence. Then, describe general strategies for mitigating negative risk-taking behavior and explain why you selected these strategies. Justify your response with citations from the Learning Resources/literature. Use proper APA format and citations.  Approx 250-300 words. LD8

Hw 19817255


1 Censorship in film has played an important role in commercial movie making. Do you think the film you watched for this week’s first discussion question would have been allowed to release with the same exact content under the Hays Code? Why or why not? Be explicit and support your claim with verbiage from the Hays Code itself.

2 Watch a film made in the last 25 years from one of the following genres – Melodrama, Science Fiction/Fantasy, or Horror.

1) Write a short analysis of the movie you have chosen. (Note: This must be in your own words and incorporate your own ideas and individual take on the film. Copying film reviews or summaries from online sources, for instance, IMDb or Wikipedia is not appropriate even if they are properly quoted and/or referenced.)

2) Connect the movie you chose with the films of the same genre in week three content. How is the film similar/different? Make sure you include a clear analysis of the films/clips in the Week 3 content that are in the same genre grouping as the film you chose to watch!

3) Discuss how sound plays a part in the film you watched. Identify at least three places that sound stood out in the film.