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Bus 624 Week 3 Discussion 1

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, Review the video with Instructor Bathke above. After watching the video with Instructor Bathke, what are your views regarding the importance of business ethics and the benefits or positive outcomes that flow from ethical decision making? And how is ethical decision making different than compliance? Which is more […]

Annual Report 19591317

  Question: Select three public limited companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that are in the same industry. Go to the website of your selected companies. Then go to the Investor Relations section of the website. This section may be called, “Investors”, “Shareholder Information” or similar name. In this section, go to your […]

Impact Of The Sarbanes Oxley Act Sox 19615741

  Assignment 1: Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Due Week 3 and worth 280 points Assume that you are a CEO of a medium-sized company that needs a significant influx of cash for several expansion projects. As the CEO, you must determine whether your company should remain private or go public. Some companies postpone […]

Unit 3 Exercise Logic Drill 2

  Write out the logic to the following problems. Example: Represent the logic of a decision whether to wear a coat if the temperature is less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and not to wear one if the temperature is 60 degrees or greater. Solution: start Declarations         integer temperature output “Enter temperature: ” […]

3 Assignments Business Admin

1st Assignment( I believe there is a Case Study, I need to send tommorow for this one)  Cost Analysis and Business Planning Write a paper between 700 and 1,000 words addressing the following: Part 1, Sections 1-2: Provide calculations and a solution for total variable costs, break even in sales volume (number of members), break […]

Week 8 Discussion 19605137

  In this week’s readings, the idea of the collaborative organization is discussed.  How can your organization or an organization that you are familiar with benefit from being a collaborative organization?  How can using a systems approach help the collaborative organization achieve its goals? Briefly describe two management concepts (from different weeks) that you found […]

International Finance 19602913

Each one of you has a country that you are in charge of (Argentina is my country). So I ask you to research effects this pandemic and the global drop in oil prices (which started as an indirect result of this pandemic but by now turned into its own thing) has on “your” country, in […]

Assignment 5 19584855

  Concepts and Strategies for Risk Management Kaplan and Mikes’ article on Managing Risk is considered to be a hallmark in the field. Of all the concepts they discuss and strategies they recommend in this article, which three did you find to be the most valuable in terms of what they added to your understanding […]

Monitorcon And Closing The Project 19731953

  DQ #3: Give two examples of why a project might be terminated early for cause and two examples of why a project might be terminated early for convenience. Instructions: The student will respond to each of four (4) discussion questions during the course. Each question involves the student posting a substantive response of at least […]