Order 1016913: Personality Assessment


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Personality Assessment Required Reading Use Principles and Applications of Assessment in Counseling to complete the following: Read Chapter 12, ″Appraisal of Personality,″ pages 237–266. COPE Inventory Assessment and Journal Article Use the Internet to complete the following: Self-administer and self-score the COPE Inventory, created by C. S. Carver at the University of Miami, by following the directions on the Web site and recording your answers in a Word document or on a piece of paper. You need to complete the inventory in order to complete the discussion questions for this unit. After completing the self-administration and self-scoring of the COPE Inventory, use the Capella library to complete the following: Read Carver, Weintraub, and Scheier′s 1989 article, ″Assessing Coping Strategies: A Theoretically Based Approach,″ from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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